Company Collaboration Software

S2K Enterprise LogoVector New England shares a vision with IBM and VAI, and that vision is S2K Enterprise. This incredible application builds business models based on best industry practices that develop value and enhance performance. The S2K company collaboration software family has something for every field, with features that are industry-specific like Apparel, Durable Goods, and Pharmaceutical.

Whatever business solutions you end up with, having technology that can compete and handle change fast is sure to make you a leading innovator. We help all of the following sectors to improve their operations and better anticipate customer needs:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Service

Serving the Food Service Sector

S2K Food LogoThe food industry is unlike many other areas of business, having its own unique safety regulations. Ergo, inventory management and tracking is essential, and time constraints have to be adhered to. Between billbacks, broken case unit conversions, lot and date tracking, truck routing, and other requirements, there’s a lot to keep up with.

S2K Enterprise for Food was specifically designed to meet these needs through automation and by integrating business processes throughout the organization. Powerful industry-specific business solutions like this empower distributors to manage resources, supplies, and consumer relationships efficiently.

A Prescription for Pharmaceutical Success

S2K Pharma LogoThe pharmaceutical industry is changing constantly and forcing companies to search for new modes of technology to achieve their aims. S2K Pharmaceutical can help with that. Ask us about how to do the following:

  • Improve Monitoring and Data Collection for DEA Reporting Purposes
  • Resolve IP and Security Problems
  • Enhance Employee Productivity
  • Engage With Consumers
  • Provide Quality Customer Service

Efficiency From Every End of Production

S2K Warehouse LogoMore than ever, warehouse management systems are heavily relied upon to manage supplies and improve performance. Warehouse operations, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction are all sure to see an increase with the right company collaboration software and newest technology.

S2K Warehouse Management Software (WMS) lets you monitor warehouse activities in real-time, minimize entry errors, and help measure employee performance. You’ll enjoy the benefit of both paper-based and radio frequency processing for all of the following and more:

  • Inventory Receiving
  • Movement and Replenishments
  • Product Put-Aways
  • Order Picking
  • Shipment Verification
  • Cycle Counting

The Analytics You’ve Been Waiting For

S2K Analytics LogoNowadays, every business needs analytics. Why not invest in one of the best? S2K Analytics is a comprehensive intelligence tool with potential to improve service, understand revenue and profitability, control expenses, and manage even the longest and most complex of supply chains. This is one of those wonderful business solutions that‘s easy to use yet extremely powerful. It can even connect your staff with S2K Enterprise information so they’re better informed when making decisions.

The pre-configured dashboards immediately grant you access to sales, monitor your revenue, and ensure that you achieve your objective. S2K Analytics gives you the big picture by tracking performance at either company or location level. Professional report authors have the ability to drill down for in-depth information. Enterprise-wide comprehensive reports and query tools make creating custom reports on-the-fly as easy as drag and drop.

Company Collaboration Software for Sales Teams

S2K Warehouse - LogoSales Force Automation streamlines all phases of the sales process, minimizing the time sales representatives need to spend on each one and helping them serve more clients faster. At the heart of S2K Sales Force is a contact management system that tracks and records every stage in the sales process for each prospective client, from initial contact to final disposition.

From the main contact screen, your sales team can review current leads, convert leads to prospects, and prospects to customers. They can manage contacts and track all interactions with existing accounts and opportunities. Other features include logging calls, creating to-dos, scheduling events, and adding notes.

About the S2K Enterprise Portal

S2K Enterprise Portal LogoThe S2K Enterprise Portal enables users to interact with your company in a personalized way. You can give employees, trading partners, and customers access to a Web site with the applications and information they need already organized for easy access and use. They can quickly make transactions across applications and work with other portal users to make decisions faster.

Our industry-leading portal solutions help you cut costs and improve productivity while fortifying relationships with customers and trading partners simultaneously. This company collaboration software employs IBM WebSphere Portal technology to combine document management, Web content management, and collaboration capabilities in a single, easy-to-deploy solution.

Work Smarter With Smart Center

S2K Smart Center LogoThe future of technology is in increased efficiency, easy access, and better user experience, and that’s what we aim to deliver with all of our business solutions. By delivering software through a browser with a flexible web interface, we offer a single sign on for all web applications to increase productivity and minimize training costs. Plus, web-based software means mobile access—enabling every user to compute anytime, anywhere.

Our goal is to solve the common problems businesses experience and deliver results that send profits soaring. With S2K Smart Center, you can compete at a high level with unlimited growth potential.

Take Your Technology On the Go

S2K Mobile LogoOne of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is catering to customers on mobile devices. S2K Mobile turns ordinary smartphones into powerful business tools that can help you improve efficiency, enhance customer service, and increase sales. These business solutions are actual applications that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than delivered within a browser. They are specifically designed for smaller handheld displays and feature a touchscreen interface.

With this amazing mobile equipment, you can easily access the functions native to your mobile device, like the camera. It synchronizes files directly with S2K Enterprise or your current ERP system and offers offline access to content when a network or wireless connection is unavailable. The applications include:

  • Order Processing
  • Proof-of-Delivery
  • Route Sales and DSD
  • Warehouse Management
  • Alert Messaging

We can easily make these available to you. Contact us to start your upgrade.