About Vector New England

Vector means magnitude and direction, and we provide both for your business. We listen carefully to your challenges and once we understand your needs, we recommend the technology that will make it happen. Our team has decades of experience in offering today’s latest technology and devising ideal answers for our clients’ specific needs.

We help with everything from planning to project and performance management through selling new hardware technology and the best of breed ERP solutions. Our company serves the manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries and has partnered with the world-class IT companies IBM and VAI. We provide top-notch consulting services that empower you to maximize your potential and become a technological leader.


Companies of all kinds are turning to the cloud for their needs, and Vector New England is here to help them do that with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The VAI solutions we use are built on standards-based technologies like AJAX and HTML5 that can run on almost any platform so long as it has an updated browser. ERP solutions of the modern day need sophisticated infrastructure to do their job.

Employing VAI’s cloud capabilities through us takes the complexity of management off your shoulders and offers a fully redundant data center. This includes all maintenance, management, and upgrades for this infrastructure, empowering you to focus on what your business is really about. As more consumers and businesses take to potential online collaboration tools like tablets and smartphones, being able to host applications in the cloud and access them anywhere is becoming essential.

The Simplicity of a Single Database

As organizations grow, they sometimes find themselves struggling with disconnected databases and external spreadsheets to support their requirements. This leads to redundant and inconsistent data entry and considerable manual intervention just to make meaningful reports.

We have a better way: a completely integrated ERP solution using just one central database. With our team collaboration software and other products, you only have to update records once—no more duplicate entries, copying files, or wrestling with integration issues. A single database solution can help you restore control over both your data and your business.

Bringing You the Best—Without Its Problems

One of the toughest choices a business has to make is that of whether to buy the best software products or fully integrated systems. Each approach has its benefits and drawbacks. The best products offer maximum functionality. However, you’re bound to experience problems with:

— Standardization —
— Data Integration —
— Data Flow —

— Process Flow —
— Vendor Management —

— Coordinated Software Upgrades —
— Non-Transferable Skill Sets —

This gets even worse when cloud computing is thrown in there too. This is why most find it unjustifiable to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on something with only slightly better functionality and a nice interface. Our business plan software provides a better approach: integrated applications that are made for the supply chain within our ERP solution. This eradicates complexity and integration expenses and gives users effective applications that bring results for the bottom line.

Our Software Saves You Money

A common cost-cutting measure among businesses is controlling asset expenses. As such, it’s important for systems to have a low cost of ownership along with quick deployment time and reliability. Our partner VAI is known for their value, but one factor that isn’t given much thought is the scalability cost.

With these online collaboration tools and related products, you can save hundreds of thousands with the Unlimited User License option. This lets you expand locations, add users, deploy multiple sessions, and add RF or Mobile users, minus any software licensing or maintenance fees.

The Support You Need and Expect

Your profits and productivity matter to us. To maximize both, we work with you and your team to design the team collaboration software that meets your long-term goals. We routinely develop innovative solutions that solve even the most complicated of problems for businesses. An imperative part of the process is having support that’s consistently there for you. We assign your organization a highly experienced support team that consists of various experts who are available to you during and after the implementation. We get acquainted with your specific business environment and deliver a solution that meets your needs and goals.

That being said, take care to avoid too much of a good thing. You may be thinking of turning your business over to a public financial management team so they can help you grow financially via acquisition. This results in owning business plan software solutions, most of which perform the same tasks but increase the customer base. However, the number of employees dedicated to supporting each of the software packages or divisions is usually the same as before the acquisition. That number may even decrease, which negatively impacts customer support. Continued advancement can suffer as well.

We strive to help you in every way possible. Contact us to find out how.

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